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Calendar of Events - 2014
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Event Date Venue Organizer

ASEAN Tourism Forum 2014

ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) is a cooperative regional effort to promote the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region as one tourist destination where Asian hospitality and cultural diversity are at its best. This annual event involves all tourism industry sectors of the 10-member nations of ASEAN: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Each year, the hosting of ATF is rotated among the member countries.ATF 2014 marks the 33rd anniversary of this event since its inauguration in Malaysia in1981. This year Sarawak has been given the honour to host ATF.

16-23 January Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, Kuching Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia
Kuching Office
Tel: 082-235033
Fax: 082-2340

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2014 Bazaar

An annual 5 days and nights sale of goodies and festive items before the Chinese New Year at openair are along High Street and Jalan Raja. Gong Xi Fa Cai Bazaar encompasses a wide range of items put on sale at stalls setup by the Chinese and other communities. The visitors to the bazaar are both local and from abroad. During the period, there will bevarious entertainment programmes including live band performances.

24-30 January Along High Street & Jalan Raja, Miri Miri City Council (MCC) & Miri Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCCI)
Mr. Liew Shaw Fah
Tel: 085-432570
Fax: 085-419866 Email:mccci2006@yahoo.com

Chap Goh Meh Festival

Many events will be organized, such as exhibition, food fair, karaoke competition,culture and art performances and others.

31 January-15 February Sri Aman Town Simanggang Soon Heng Society
Mr. TanYaw Ming
Hp: 019-8189622
Mr. Goh Kaw Sze
Hp: 013-8167685
Kapitan Kuah Aik Seng Hp:019-8888155


Event Date Venue Organizer

Regatta BandarayaKU

One of the many regattas held prior to the Sarawak Regatta. This is the initiative of the Kuching North City Hall and to prepare the local racers for the Sarawak Regatta which is normally held in September.

February Kuching Waterfront, Kuching Kuching North City Hall
Tel: 082-446688
Fax: 082-446414

Chap Goh Meh Festival

Held on the 15th day after the Chinese New Year calendar. This event is to commemorate the last day of Chinese New Year Festival. A colourful parade and displays of Chinese cultures and heritage will be held throughout the day and night.

14 February Siniawan Town, Bau, Kuching Siniawan Development and Security Committee
Penghulu Lai Shey Hiong
Hp: 019-8188613
Tel: 082-699131

Miri Country Music Festival 2014

Miri Country Music Fest is held for the first time and features both local and foreign country music bands. The day’s event include line dance workshop, country and western bazaar of fering stalls selling foods, games and variety of goods. The country music concert will be held in the evening.

15 February Park City Everly Hotel, Miri UCSI Communications Sdn. Bhd.
Ms. Letitia Samuel
Tel: 082-368109   
Fax: 082-362108   
Website: www.miricountrymusic.com


Event Date Venue Organizer

Let’s Share The Road

Let’s Share The Road is a mass cycling event organize in the heart of Kuching city. This event is open to the public. The main objective of this event is to promote cycling among city folks and in turn reduce air pollution.

March Padang Merdeka, Kuching Kuching North City Hall
Tel: 082-446688   
Fax: 082-446414

Earth Hour Campaign

In line with the world’s celebration of the Earth Hour, an hour had been allocated to observe the event. During that one hour, all electrical equipment will be switch off in effort to reduce the greenhouse effect on Earth.

March Padang Merdeka, Kuching Kuching North City Hall
Tel: 082-446688   
Fax: 082-446414

Pesta Pansuh Roban 2014

Pesta Pansuh Roban 2014 is an annual event to promote the local delicacies as an attraction. Among the activities to be held include“ memansuh” (cooking in bamboo) competition, stage show, community sports and exhibition.

March Roban Town Square, Betong Sub-District Roban
Mr. Laga Kueh   
Hp: 013-5700511
Tel: 083-427224 / 427205  

Website: saratokdo.sarawak.gov.my

Routes Asia 2014

Routes Asia is the largest route development forum for the entire Asia region. Routes Asia is the key event for airports, airlines, tourism authorities, policy leaders, keynote speakers and exhibitors to meet, do business and plan for the future.

9-11 March Kuching City Ministry of Tourism Sarawak& Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
Tel: 082-319313   
Fax: 082-445311

International Bamboo Legged Race (Jengking)

To showcase local and traditional culture and games.

29 March Mutiara Town, Tebedu, Serian, Kota Samarahan Tebedu Sub-District Office
Mr. Bai   
Hp: 019-8265234
Mr. John Ilus   
Tel: 082-875441 / 797204    Fax :082-875159


Event Date Venue Organizer

Baleh-Kapit Raft Safari

A water sport event such as rafting and boat race.

4-6 April Kapit Town Tourism Task Group (TTG) Kapit & Kapit Residen Office
Mr. Zul binUsup   
Tel: 084-799061   

Ms. Irene Merang   
Tel: 084-796242   

Fax: 084-796932   


Kapit Festival

Kapit Fest was introduced in 1989 (formerly known as ‘Jenau Ari’ literally means fiesta).  It  was  held to reminiscence the ‘Peace Making Ceremony’ between the warring tribes that took place on 16 November1924. It is also to promote local culture and Kapit as a tourism destination.

18-20 April Kapit Riverfront & Town Square, Kapit Kapit District Council
Regina Giles Senin  
Hp: 014-5914649   

Favian Masing Lintang  
Tel: 084-796266 / 796719   
Fax: 084-796323

AAM Borneo Moto cross Challenge 2014

One of the extreme sports events to promote Kota Samarahan as a destination for adventure sport.The event had attracted participants from around Borneo.

26-27 April Samarahan District Council Motorcross Circuit, Kota Samarahan Samarahan District Council
Mr. Bolhassan Bin Mohammad   
Hp: 011-29972074
Tel: 082-671023   
Fax: 082-875159

Mukah Kaul Festival 

Kaul is a traditional festival celebrated by the Melanau community living along the coastal area in Sarawak. In the past, Kaul was held as a religious ceremony to appease the spirits of the sea, land and forestand making it as the most important festival in the Melanau traditional calendar.

27 April Taman Kala Dana, Mukah Jawatankuasa Pengelola Pesta Kaul Mukah
Mr. Mohamad Amirul Abdullah   
Hp: 013-8117721
Mr.Khairul Nizam Bin Morshidi
Hp: 012-8871805

Fax:084-873408    Website:kaulmukah.com


Event Date Venue Organizer

Miri May Fest 2014

Various entertainment programmes, promotion sales, sport, cultural, recreational, social activities will be organised  by various government agencies, NGOs, social clubs andcommercial houses at various locationsin Miri throughout the month of May under the banner of Miri May Fest. Miri City Council is the main coordinator and promoter of Miri May Fest. This annual programme started in Year 1989.

Whole month of May Various locations in Miri City Miri City Council
Tel: 085-424111   
Fax: 085-435602   

Promosi Kraf (Batik) Malaysia 2014

A programme jointly organized by Miri City Council and Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia, Cawangan Sarawak. The event is participated by numerous batik makers from various states. This annual event was held in May in conjunction with Miri May Fest.

May Miri Handicraft Centre, Miri Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia, Cawangan Sarawak jointly organised with Miri City Council

Tidal Bore Festival (Pesta Benak)

Pesta Benak is one of Sarawak’s iconic event and celebrated on a grand scale. Centered in Sri Aman, there will belong boat paddling competition, tidal bore surfing, watersports, food and trade fair, nightly entertainment and viewing of
the tidal bore.

May Batang Lupar Riverine Park, Sri Aman Tourism Task Group of Sri Aman & Residen Office, Sri Aman
Mr. HamdanHaji Katang   
Hp: 019-8280718

Mr. ZaidiBin Haji Sarkawi  
Hp: 013-5785130

Ms. Noor Hayati Ahmad   

Tel: 083-323366 / 323377 / 323388   
Fax: 083-320568
www.sriamanro.gov.my    Facebook:
Pesta Benak SriAman

Lawas Festival

A festival that features various event such as Lawas Regatta, Lawas Kitchen, and exhibition.

May Lawas District, Limbang Lawas District Office
Siti Rohana Binti Tuah  
Hp: 019-8757212
Tel: 085-283103 / 283102   
Fax: 085-284553   

Sarawak Health Marathon

The purpose of this event is to upgrade and promote Sports, Recreation and Tourism in Sibu.

1 May Jubilee Park, Sibu Extreme Marathon Sports Club
Mr. Tang Kah Seng   
Hp: 019-8181129
Tel: 084-324439   
Fax: 084-313969

Borneo Jazz Festival

The festival aims to be the leading tourism-driven music festival in the region, assembling regionally and internationally recognized jazz musicians and show casing Miri as a city of cosmopolitan and relaxing lifestyle.

9-10 May Miri City Sarawak Tourism Board

8th Miri City International Deep Sea Fishing Tournament 2014

Miri City International Deep Sea Fishing Tournament held off the shore of Miri waters-Luconia Shoals, had attracted international anglers from China, Singapore, HongKong, Brunei as well a sMalaysia. Record catch (2012)= 61.8kg Giant Garouper.

15-18 May Miri Marina Bay- Miri  
Offshore: Luconia Shoals
Miri Anglers Club
Mr. Brian Ang   
Hp: 019-8741000
Mr. Michael Kuan
Hp: 012-739699
Tel: 085-661676   
Fax: 085-656405 / 663029
miriangerlsclub@gmail.com    Website: www.mirianglersclub.com

Miri Day Celebration 2014

Miri attained its city status on 20th May 2005 and since then Miri City Council has organised various programmes to commemorate the even. Miri City Council had also obtained various records in Malaysia Book of Records for this celebrations.

20 May Various locations in Miri City Miri City Council
Tel: 085-424111   
Fax: 085-435602   

Rafting Challenge, BatangSadong Sungai Kayan Serian

Arafting competition thattakeparticipants along theSadong and Kayan

24 May TemaMawang / Tebakang Bazaar, Serian, Kota Samarahan Serian District Council
Mr. David Ak Landong   
Hp: 019-8487326
Tel: 084-874154 / 874155   

Fairy Cave Festival / Rock on 5 

The festival highlights interesting activities such as cultural performance, traditional food and traditional sports like rice pounding and top-spin competition.The main focus of the event is rock climbing which has attracted both local and foreign extreme sport enthusiasts. The Fairy Cave itselfis also a must visit cave.

23-25 May Fairy Cave Krokong, Bau, Kuching Jointly Organize by The Krokong Community Centre and Rock Climbing Club
Penghulu Dahoi Anak Nyawen   
Hp: 019-8757570
Fax: 082-763530   
Email: samjun67@yahoo.com

Sebuyau Festival 2014

This festival consist local activities such as regatta, community sport and stage show.

24-25 May Sebuyau Town, Simunjan, Kota Samarahan Sebuyau Sub-district Office
Ms. Patricia Ngali   
Tel: 082-803602 / 803649    Fax: 082-803916

World Harvest Festival

World Harvest Festival (WHF) helps to steer and commemorate the unique Gawai or Harvest Festival.

2-4 May Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching Sarawak Cultural Village
Mr. Zaini Hj. Zainuddin   
Tel: 082-846108 / 846078    Fax: 082-846988
/ zainizz@gmail.com


Event Date Venue Organizer

Hari Alam Sekitar

The event aims at educating the public to protect and safe guard the environment particularly for the future generation. Various educational and recreational activities will be held during this event.

June Sarawak State Library, Kuching Kuching North City Hall
Tel: 082-446688   
Fax: 082-446414

Borneo Bird Race

The first International Borneo Bird Race 2014, that see participants from 12 countries travel more than 1000 kilometres in searchof more than 400 species of birds in a wide range of habitats from the coastal regions, freshwater swamps, low land forests, to the hills and mountain ranges of Sabah, Sarawak
and Brunei. At the end of the day, each team will enjoy the beauty of the flora as they count the numbers of recorded species of birds, and the longest list shall earn the prestigious “Bornean Bristlehead Trophy”.

June Kuching (National & Wildlife Park) Ministry of Tourism Sarawak
Mr. Rickson Jauk   
Tel: 082-319306   
Fax: 082-445311

Cultural Fiesta &Traditional Dance Competition 2014

To showcase the rich tradition of the local community. To promote and preserve the traditional culture of the various ethnic groups. To attract foreign and domestic tourist. To create harmonius atmosphere and foster greater co-operation among the popular especially the youth in particular.

June Serian Community Hall, Serian, Kota Samarahan Serian District Council
Mr. David Ak Landong
Hp: 019-8487326
Tel: 084-874154 / 874155    Fax: 082-874799

Lun Bawang Festival (Irau Aco Lun Bawang)

This festival is traditionally a celebration of the rice harvest but now it showcases a variety of Lun Bawang culture and events such as Ruran Ulung (beauty pageant contest) and nguip suling (bamboo musical instrument band).

30 May – 1 June Lawas, Limbang Lun Bawang Association
Mr. Ipoi Datan   
Hp: 019-8882428   

Mr. Daniel Punang   
Hp: 019-8899029   

Fax: 085-414209

Sibu International Dance Festival

This festival is a showcase of all kinds of dance - traditional and modern, for all age groups, races and culture, both locally and internationally.

3-7 June Sibu Civic Centre, Sibu Hornland Dance Theatre, Sibu
Mr. Chen Ing Kuan   
Hp: 016-8937614
Tel & Fax: 084-349932   
Email: sidfestival@hotmail.com
Facebook: /sibuinternational dancefestival
Website: http://sidfestival.com

Pesta Babulang & Lumba Kerbau (Buffalo Race Festival)

Pesta Babulang is a buffalo race festival which is significant to the Bisaya community in Limbang. Organized by the Bisaya Association and introduced to promote tourism in this area.

6-8 June Kampung Batu Danau, Limbang Sarawak Bisaya Association
Mr. Antonio Kahti Galis   
Hp :019-8852705

Mr. Latip Sapong   
Hp: 019-87406965

Mr. Henry Madai   
Hp: 013-8417475

Tel: 085-433202   
Fax: 085-432876
/ sumatnie@yahoo.co.uk

Samarahan Bike Challenge 2014 

Organized to encourage cycling activities as a way to exercise among local community as well as leisure activities among youth.

7-8 June Desa Ilmu, Kota Samarahan Samarahan District Office
Mr. Mohd Hadi Bin Bolhassan   
Hp: 012-8932898
Tel: 082-671105   
Fax: 082-671042

1 Malaysia Dance & “Gendang Tandak Bermukun” Festival

To make Samarahan as a vibrant town with knowlegde of traditional diversity.  Kota Samarahn is also famous for its cultural activity called "Bermukun".

7-8 June Summer Shopping Mall, Kota Samarahan Samarahan District Council
Mr. Bolhassan Bin Mohammad    Hp:011-29972074
Tel:082-671023    Fax:082-875159

Borneo World Music Expo (BWME)

Borneo World Music Expo consists of a trade fair, musical showcases, conferences, exhibitions and networking sessions. It brings together the worlds of traditional, ethnic, folk and roots music to Kuching, Sarawak for the 3-day event.The expo is the first of its kind to be organized in South East Asia. Held since 2013. The event is the prelude to Sarawak's iconic music festival, the Rainforest World Music Festival.

16-18 June Kuching City Sarawak Tourism Board
Tel: 082-423600   
Fax: 082-416700

11th Borneo International Yachting Challenge 2014

Borneo International Yachting the first truly international yachting event in the waters of Borneo.  It is a joint effort of two Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah, the Federal Territory of Labuan and neighboring country Brunei.

16-22 June Miri-Labuan-Kota Kinabalu Sarawak Yatching Association
Mr. Michael Veno  
Hp: 013-8378938
Tel: 085-423033   
Fax: 085-417249   
Email: mveno9@gmail.com

Rainforest World Music Festival

The icon of Sarawak and had been voted as one of the top 25 International Music Festival. It has also won various international awards such as PATA Gold Award and ASEANTA Excellent Awards previously. An event not to be missed, the music festival is stage at the foot of Mount Santubong with the tropical rainforest as the backdrop.

20-22 June Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching Sarawak Tourism Board
Tel:082-423600    Fax:082-416700
Webiste: www.rainforestmusic-borneo.com

Borneo Highlands PadawanNature Challenge 2014

The Borneo Highlands Padawan Nature Challenge 2014 is a cycling and trekking adventure with different categories for experts, amateurs and those who loves the nature and environment.

The Challenge gives an opportunity for nature lovers and adventurous individuals to be close to Mother Nature and to experience the environmental and adventure tourism aspects of Padawan (Including Borneo Highlands Resort).


22 June Kampung Annah Rais / Borneo Highlands Resort, Padawan, Kuching  

Borneo Highlands Resort & Padawan Municipal Council
Mr. Bernard Tiang   

Mr. Ng Siang Wei  

Borneo Highlands Resort
Tel: 082-577930 / 578930   
Fax: 082-576680
enquiry@borneohighlands. com.my

Padawan Municipal Council
Tel: 082-615566
Fax: 082-611832

International Dance for Humanity

Non-stop   dancing   event   participated    by   various   different   dance troupes/groups from many regions of the world.

22 June Miri Indoor Stadium, Miri Malaysia Red Cresent Miri Chapter
Mdm. Jacqueline Buri 
Hp: 019-8251341
Tel: 085-411121 / 428032  Fax: 085-420479
Website: mrcmiri@streamyx.com

Gawai Carnival Redeems

An annual Gawai Carnival to showcase the rich authentic Dayak Bidayuh culture, tradition and heritage.  It is aim to promote tourism and to further enchance goodwill among other races.

27-29 June REDEEMS Community Hall, Singai, Bau, Kuching REDEEMS
Email: n2tasikbiru@gmail.com

Birumuh Festival 2014

To showcase the food, cultural and handicraft of the community in conjunction with Gawai Dayak Celebration.  The event also includes parade, cultural performance and exhibition.

28 June Serian Community Hall, Serian, Kota Samarahan Serian District Office
Mr. Charlie Unggang  
Hp: 013-8048566

Mr. John Ilus   
Tel: 082-875410/ 874022
Fax: 082-875159


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